About This product

Whey protein cocentrate Supplement

Whey protein concentrate is a common type of whey protein powder which is produced when milk is filtered and the whey protein dried . This popular post workout supplement is quick to digest and absorb which increases muscle mass. It is a good source of essential amino acids that helps promoting muscles recovery as well as preventing muscles tissue from breaking down. This dietary supplement is useful for anyone either on a mass-gain diet or even a cutting phase.  Genestar whey protein concentrate is a complete protein which contains 24 grams whey protein per serving.


Benefits & Uses:

– Contains 82% whey protein
– Provides body with an incredible range of amino acids
– Helps increasing muscle volume
– Prevents muscle-loss during weight-loss phase
– Promotes muscles recovery


Supplement facts:

Protein blend(whey protein concentrate, whey protein peptides)
Natural and artificial flavours


Banana , Chocolate milk, Vanilla biscuits, Caramel, Cream chocolate, Chocolate cake

Precaution & Warning:
Do not use in case of kidney or liver problems and diabetes
This product cintains phenylalanine
and should be avoided by patients with phenylketonuria