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SETAREGAN NIK, the first and largest manufacturer of sport supplements in Iran using the best and highest quality raw materials imported from reputable companies in the world, has started to produce food-sports supplements, dietary and health nutrition in Iran. SETAREGAN NIK has more than 200 products with GMP standard and distributes its products to whole Iran and Middle East countries. SETAREGAN NIK has four different brands which are VITAP, PHARMA MIX, GENESTAR and ALAMO.

SETAREGAN NIK was initially founded in 2006 and has factory located in Iran, near Tehran in an area about 10,000 square meters with high GMP standard facilities to produce food and health supplements. Company gradually expanded its activities by collecting pharmaceutics and nutritionist experts under Canadian HEALTH EMPIRE supervision. We have been working very hard since we believe that our business must go further.

Quality control laboratory

By utilization the latest and most modern laboratory equipment, SETAREGAN NIK is able to perform all experiments in accordance with the latest standards of the global pharmacopoeia.

Research and Development Unit

With the awareness of the importance of research and development unit in pharmaceutical factory, SETAREGAN NIK has gathered experienced staff from the pharmaceutical industry field to take steps to improve the quality of current products and also to provide new and effective products to improve the health of the society and athletes.

Honors and Certificates

SETAREGAN NIK has succeeded in obtaining GMP, ISO 9001, HACCP and ISO 22000 certificates, and according to the report of the experts of the Food and Drug Administration, it has been introduced as one of the best pharmaceutical and supplementary factories.


Mr. Hossein Rajabi, managing director of SETAREGAN NIK company, having 18 years of executive experience in the field of pharmaceutical production and sport supplements, succeeded in establishing the SETAREGAN NIK company.


SETAREGAN NIK has been a sponsor and supporter of Iran’s athletes in many domestic and international sport competitions. The purpose of SETAREGAN NIK Sports sponsorship is to support different parts of the sports community and create a positive feeling in all athletes and sports fans.

Company slogan

Today and now, with our products we have dedicated our knowledge to produce various sports supplements and muscle foods to ensure athletes, their health, needs and of course their diversity tastes. Furthermore, protecting societies health specially youth, is our duty. We again believe “The Best for The Best”.

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