CLA is a supplement belongs to family of fatty acids. CLA stands for “conjugated linoleic acid” which is polyunsaturated fat. It originally comes from animal products including meat and dairy.
People often refer to this supplement for weight loss and in fact CLA is one of the most popular supplements to burn fat.

As it is mentioned this supplement helps reducing body fat through some biochemical process which boosts metabolism. It means our body burns more calories to fulfill daily activities. CLA involves in some metabolic reactions that balance fat cells activities. CLA base metabolism is minimum energy that body needs to do an activity. It seems that CLA can decrease fat percentage versus muscle by increasing basal metabolic rate.

One study In 2017 tested a group of mice with characteristics of human metabolic systems by giving them CLA supplements.
The scientists studied the physical changes among mice and realized the Significant lost weight among them. This study has shown that CLA decreases the amount of fat and increases metabolism in mice.

On the other hand taking CLA supplement helps gaining muscle mass. Since muscles metabolically are active, muscle gain means burning more calories. CLA supplement reduces cholesterol (LDL), balances blood insulin level and boosts immune system.

In case of taking more than recommended dosage, some side effects like: stomachache, diarrhea, nausea, bloating, the risk of diabetes are expected. CLA also is not recommended during pregnancy.

To get the best result take 2 tablets caps with meal per day. It is better to take a supplement which contains 80% CLA. Please note that taking this supplement with high protein sources like milk can reduce the symptoms of diarrhea and nausea.
To lose weight,a dose of 1.8 to 7 grams per day is recommended. However, doses greater than 3.4 grams per day do not seem to have any additional benefit.
CLA supplements are available either in tablets caps or powder.

Animal sources:
Cottage cheese
Cheddar cheese

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