amino taurine

About This product

Amino Taurine
Genestar Amino Taurine contains all essential and non essential amino acids and except all these amino acids it has great amount of taurine. (Amino sulfonic acid). Each 1000 milligrams tablet contains 900 milligrams pure protein and 100 milligrams taurine. Amino Taurine is recommended to those who feel powerless during exercise or those who do not eat enough meat.

Benefits& Uses

-Repairs and improves muscles
-Increases muscle mass
-Balances blood pressure
-Helps detoxifying the body with strong antioxidants

Supplement Facts:
-Concentrate whey protein
-Hydrolyzed whey protein
-Other authorized ingredients


Precautions & Warnings

Do not use in case of kidney and liver problems, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.