About This product

Genestar ISO Gold Protein

Genestar Iso protein is an isolate or segregated whey protein powder which is most complete protein of its type. This pure supplement contains the highest amount of protein and at the same time lowest amount of fat, carbohydrates and sugar.
Genestar ISO gold contains 23 grams protein from 27 grams in per serving. It is a good source of essential amino acids that are necessary for professional athletes. Since this supplement is fat and carbohydrates free is a great option for those who are on mass-gain diet or even cutting phase.

Benefits & Uses:
⁃ contains 90% pure isolate whey protein
⁃ Contains the enzyme complex to help digest protein better and faster
⁃ Increases muscle volume without adding fat
⁃ Prevent muscle loss during cutting phase


Precautions & Warnings
Do not use in case of kidney or liver problem. This product contains phenylalanine and should be avoided by patients with phenylketonuria