About This product

Caffeine+ Taurine is useful supplement to improve exercise performance. Taurine is one type of amino acid which helps increasing concentration and brain function stimulation. Another supplement is caffeine that improves memory, enhances concentration and stimulates central nerve system. Caffeine also boosts energy during intensive exercises.
Each capsule contains 400 milligrams Taurine and 200 milligrams caffeine.

Caffeine+ Taurine is calorie-free supplement which is recommended to those like to boost their energy during exercise without getting extra calories.
The best time to consume this supplement is 1 hour before exercise.

Benefits& Uses
– Improves exercise performance
– Increases muscle endurance
– Delays fatigue

Precaution& Warnings
Do not use in case of kidney or liver problems, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
Children younger than 18 should avoid taking this product. Before taking this supplement, consult your professional health care if you are under medical treatment.