What is Glutamine

What is Glutamine

What is Glutamine

What is Glutamine
Glutamine is an important amino acid which is naturally produced in our body. Amino acid can be found most in plasma and Skeletal muscles. They are molecules that play many roles in humans’ body.

Amino acid  produces block of protein. The blood glutamine density in a normal healthy person is 3 to 4 times more than other amino acids and about 60% of intracellular consists of amino acid.

Studies have shown that amino acid can prevent protein from breaking down in the muscles as well as standing against muscle atrophy which is real danger for muscle tissues.

Glutamine plays an essential role in protein metabolism and cells volume.

This amino acid which is produced as a supplement improves protein synthesis and cells volume. Glutamine is a crucial anti catabolism supplement and also increases growth hormone.

It is clear that growth hormone helps us to gain muscles and boosts fat burning process.


Do we really need amino acid?

Human body needs glutamine to transfer ammonia and nitrogen to whole body through blood vessels and that is the reason our body try to keep the flow of glutamine level in blood vessel so both immune and intestinal systems need glutamine.

As glutamine has a critical role in immune system and intestinal health, body gets its glutamine by breaking dawn mussel tissues If it does not receive the sufficient amount of glutamine. Doctors prescribe glutamine in intensive injuries like severe burns to enhance immune system.

Athletes, obviously need to consume more glutamine due to their high protein diets and intensive physical activity.


Benefits of Glutamine

Glutamine plays a key role in many biological process including; memory improvement, muscle gain, muscle atrophy prevention, muscle tissue recovery, nitrogen transmission among organs, acid-base balance, growth hormone enhancement, intestinal mucus refinement, immune system boost and protein synthesis regulation.

Athletes who work out hard are aware of catabolism.(Catabolism is the part of the metabolism responsible for breaking complex molecules down into smaller molecules. )

Consuming the sufficient amount of this amino acid can prevent the possibility of catabolism in athletes. So glutamine is an important supplement for athletes, specially those who are on extreme cutting diet to lose weight. It is recommended to take the glutamine in recovery time after intensive exercise. The result of glutamine can be appeared in a week. Consumers feel better during exercise without fatigue and muscle pain.


Glutamine Is Founded In Many Foods

As we mentioned glutamine is an amino acid and naturally produced in humans’ body but it can also be found in some foods. About 3 to 6 grams glutamine can be absorbs by body in a normal diet. We can find the most amount of amino acid in animal products such as; sea foods, red cabbage, egg, yogurt, nuts, parsley, milk powder and corn.


‏Glutamine Supplement Dosage

‏To benefit from glutamine supplementation, bodybuiders are suggested to consume 5 to 15 grams per day. This dosage can be taken 2 or 3 times a day. Keep in mind, beside taking glutamine supplement, an abundant amount of this amino acid can be also provided by daily diet.

When To Take Glutamine

It has been recommended to take glutamine supplement right after waking up,before and after an exercise session and right before going to bed 5 grams per serving. Studies have shown consuming 5 grams right before going to bed can incredibly increase growth hormone. Also its combination with Casein protein can be beneficial. Not only in exercise days but also can be taken 1 serving before going to bed in recovery days.

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