amino whey

About This product

Amino whey

Amino whey supplement is blended using Cocentrate protein and hydrolyzed protein. It has an incredibly high protein percentage which is fat-free and non-sugar. Genstar Amino Whey contains all the essential amino acids that assists with both increasing muscle volume and retaining muscle-mass while cutting.

Benefits & Uses:

– Increases muscle mass
– Prevents muscle breakdown after a tedious workout
– Reduces muscle soreness to speed up recovery
– 100% whey protein

Supplement facts:
– Concentrate whey protein
– Hydrolyzed whey protein
– Other authorized ingredients


Precautions & Warnings:

Don’t use in case of kidney or liver problems and diabetes
This product cintains phenylalanine
and should be avoided by patients with phenylketonuria
Avoid using this product during pregnancy and while breastfeeding