About This product


Mass gainer is the combination of carbohydrate, protein and fat. Mass gainer contains high quality whey protein, carbohydrate and sufficient amount of fat. Athletes who need to consume more protein are recommended to take mass gainer since the percentage of protein is more than carbohydrate in this supplement. It is beneficial for those are planning to gain weight and muscle volume. Mass supplement help either those who have difficulty putting on weight or gaining muscle mass.

Benefits & Uses:
– Contains 30% blended whey proteins
– Helps beginners body builders gaining weight and increasing muscle mass
– prevent muscle from breaking down

Supplement Facts:
– Whey protein concentrate
– Whey protein isolates
– Maltodextrin
– Vitamins & Minerals premix
– Enzymes
– Guar gum
– Natural and artificial flavors

Double chocolate, strawberry, banana, peach

Precautions & Warnings:

-Do not use in case of kidney or liver problems and diabetes
-Children and pregnants should only use this supplement under the supervision of a doctor.
-Avoid using this product if you are allergic to dairy products