About This product

GAIN ( gain weight supplement)

Genestar Gain supplement is a combination of carbohydrate, protein and fat. It contains 22% whey protein and 78% carbohydrate, fat minerals and vitamins. Genestar Gai n supplement is really beneficial to those who would like to gain weight and are not able to get desirable weight with daily diet. So this supplement gives more calories and helps gain weight.

Benefits & Uses :

-Contains all type of vitamins to provide 100% of body’s daily requirements.

-Helps gaining body weight and muscle mass for beginners body builders.

-Affects on repairing muscle damaged cells and breaking down the protein faster.

⁃ contains enzymes to digest and absorb proteins in a better way.

Supplement Facts:
-Condensed whey protein
-Condensed cheese protein
-Enzymes and other authorized ingredients.

Double chocolate, Peach, Milk chocolate, Strawberry, vanilla ice cream, Caramel cream, vanilla cookies, Chocolate & Cream, Chocolate & Orange.

Precautions & Warnings: 
Do not use in the case of kidney or liver problems or in case of diabetes.
There are also contraindications for the use of this supplement during pregnancy.